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Connecticut Physical Medicine Office in Waterbury Connecticut

Connecticut Physical Medicine

Connecticut Physical Medicine offers medical assessment and outpatient rehabilitation services designed for the needs of people recovering from various types of traumatic injury and over-use injuries. Additionally, we have tailored our injury management services to meet the needs of patients with medical-legal cases, optimizing our office procedures to eliminate delays and barriers that can otherwise occur when a legal case is pending. With a clinical team including board-certified physiatry, orthopaedic surgeon expertise, a neurosurgical nurse practitioner, and doctorate-level physical therapy, all working together seamlessly, we provide skilled medical care tailored to injury treatment. If you are injured from a fall, auto accident, work accident, etc., seek the care of a medical and rehabilitative practice focused on your specific needs.

We start with a thorough exam and accurate diagnosis. Then we prescribe the combination of medicine, activities, injections, manual therapies, exercise therapy, consultation, and modalities best suited for your symptom control and optimal recovery.

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Traumatic Injuries

Work Injuries

Fall Injuries

Auto Accidents



Sprains & Strains

Neck Pain

Back Pain


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